the day we fell in love with Playa del Carmen

Well, it’s not that difficult to fell in love with this place for the European mind, after all. Especially after living for a week in Cancún, which feels like part of the big USA (the malls, the shopping, the all inclusive madness overall, the dollar ATMs, the high scale hotels and entertainment). We got here first when we took the diver for a bumpy ride to Cozumel.

Bumpy ride on the Norwegian ferry for 30 minutes

Those of you who are not familiar with diving spots of the world, Cozumel and the coral reef around is considered to be the second best place to dive. It was pretty fun to try snorkeling here as well, spotting tons of fishes and a ray amongst the meter high waves and the windy-rainy weather. Well, that’s what you get if you end up at Cozumel the day before they close down the harbour due to weather conditions.
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View of Playa harbour - before the storm

Coffee lockers - they might have lockers for something else than coffee as well?!

Just like Cancún, Playa del Carmen used to be a tiny fisher village some 40 years ago, now it is a youthful booming tourist location, full of 30 something modern hippies who chose not to fell for Cancún.

Happy Swede spotting the Swedish pub in Playa

Playa mainly consists of one huge main street with shops and restaurants, streets and alleys opening from the main street are full of little bars, hostels, and apparently, after a couple of meters walk, the Carrebean itself pops up.

Laid back beaches, lack of skyscraper hotels, friendly community and the world 2nd most awesome dive location at hand – no surprise we fell for it 🙂

Playa at Playa

spotting Dózsa at the swing-bar

swing-bar - it is not what you think

a view in the afternooon

Next time we are going to book our stay in this alley