the day we swam with dolphins

What more should I say…there were lot of pros and cons for us when deciding whether to sign up for an activity like that (not particularly financial ones).

  • Does it worth it?
    (Yes, it does)
  • Is it ethical?
    (keeping animals in captivity is a long and dubious discussion, let’s discuss this later)
  • Is it fun for the animals?
    (Apparently, it is)
  • Are they kept well?
    (from the outsiders perspective, I think so; otherwise, it’s part of the long and dubious discussion about keeping animals in captivity)
  • Do they return any of the money you dash into this institution to the dolphins?
    (Dolphin Discovery does)
  • Is this company on PETA’s shitlist?
    (no, it is not)
  • Do I f@ck up my karma if I give in to a popular tourist attraction?
    (I hope not)

At the end, we gave in, for sole hedonist reasons (why not while we have the chance). You might ask yourself how fun it is to splash around with dolphins kept and breed in captivity and how realistic this experience is in comparison with swimming with wild dolphins. The fact is that wild (untamed) animals don’t swim with you, as it is their natural instinct to keep away from you as a human, so looking for realistic experience is a major fail.
However, interacting with mammals is fun.

It is also fun to see how tamed animals misbehave and do whatever the f@ck they like. Many times when the trainer sent out the dolphins to do some tricks, they just thought they would swim by their pals and hang around there and then come back for some treat / anchovy. In those cool / naughty dolphin moments I marveled at the bright mind of these gorgeous mammals, who know what they supposed to do or don’t do in certain scenarios, but every now and then they practice free will and do whatever they like.