Pandora’s Bridezilla box

One would think that a town with tons of stores would offer a nice and easy choice to hopeless cases like myself to get some proper outfit for a wedding.
Well, my almost mission impossible started couple of weeks ago, when we received the wedding invite.

Dress code: mörk kostym – which would be something knee-length dress, or skirt – blouse combo, in various colours and patterns and lengths – depending what information channel you check for dressing codes in Sweden.
Anyway, clicked around websites, been to stores, looked for something else then the LBD, as that would be too obvious and too…ehm, black.

Your average clothes store where I live would include lots of options for everyday where, office-chic is not difficult to achieve either, budget wise you have wide range of options to choose from and party-girls have no trouble finding trashy pieces, either. But when it comes to something nice and solid and not too complicated to wear – then comes your trouble.
A somewhat elegant piece of dress seemed to be hard to find, it turned out (but you can call me picky or weird).

After looking through all the possible stores and boutiques available in the shopping center and in the city center where small and fun stores have completely forgotten about updating their opening hours to match the reality of 2011 (that is 70 % of your consumers are WORKING during your opening hours and would be able to do some shopping AFTER you decide to close at 18.00), I entered today a store that promotes itself a finkläder boutique, which would be for those of you who are not speaking Swedish a store for evening dresses and dresses for occasions where you need to look, hm, girly.

Entering the store it was already scary as there were just fluffy, pearly and shiny organza dresses everywhere in all the colours of the rainbow from bridal to long evening dresses. But that’s cool, there are things to choose from one would think.

I asked the shop assistant for some help (what I need for what occasion) and when she started to show me suggestions I realized I opened Pandora’s Bridezilla box…She showed me pearly-shiny dresses from pink to baby blue, as if dark blue to very cheap-looking ruby reds. I almost felt sorry for her when I said Nej, tack to the fifth times within being hardly for 7 minutes in the store. She managed to talk me into a green-purple somewhat OK organza piece that I almost liked – except the pearl decoration here and there that made me feel like being an almost two meter tall Christmas decoration in a huge baroque building with gold and ruby all around me…

Yes, my imagination run wild there a bit…

I tried to be polite and nice and said nej tack to that piece (as well) and left the store with great confusion in my head how many people could kill for one of these dresses or to wear them for one night. I almost started to feel like as if there is something wrong with me that I’m not going all crazy about shiny colourful dresses that would look weird even on a Barbie doll, but my somewhat desperate hunt for finding something, somewhere that would save me looking like a giant szaloncukor kept me insane and did not let me get loose on that track.

Learn from my fail and

– know the stores where you live and know where you can or cannot find things

– get a Bridezilla store locator mobile app and try to avoid entering those stores (unless you’re diggin shiny, fluffy, pearly dresses)

– see something, fits well, looks good, matches you budget and needs: BUY IT. It won’t be there the next time you return to the store…

– oh, and don’t let last minute shopping craze make you all weird and silly – it does no good to your health