Bryan Adams is on tour – that’s not really a bad news.
Bryan Adams comes to Sweden – there is nothing wrong with that either.
Bryan Adams will play in Linköping – that’s kind of cool with me.

But Bryan Adam’s only show in Sweden will be in Linköping – now that raises some eyebrows and some questions:

– How on earth a veteran Canadian pop-rocker turned into awesome photographer picks a town in Sweden?
– Why Linköping and not any of the obvious GTB/STO/MLM option?
– How come that from the shortlist of Norrköping, Jönköping and possibly Örebro this little SAAB city got selected?
– Does this mean that Bryan reputation is lowering (he would tour any town anywhere) or Linköping itself is getting on the famous world wide tour locations map (used and abused by concert organizers)?
– Is Canada secretly getting interested in shiny flying machines manufactured in this town so they want to send ahead their most acknowledged attraction (seriously, they would not pick Celine for this task, we all know) to sneak around and sniff out if this is a place worth visiting?
– How come that Bryan’s own webpage does not include this marvelous tour location while TT Sectra (the largest news agency in Scandinavia) spreads the word today overall in the various online news sites?

2 thoughts on “Bryan

  1. Yepp, tickets are on sale now, and the event is listed on his official website, so it must be true! 🙂

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