contemporary haiku

Modern poetry is a funny thing: you don’t always realize when you are writing something that it could be part of a contemporary literature anthology (unless you are a poet, because then you do this consciously, on purpose). Per se haikus: how many times you write something in haiku style (popular definition is available here, otherwise consult your literary professor) and never realize that it could be even a piece of poetry?

Ehm, yeah, completely unrelated note on a blog about living in Sweden, but life is mostly unrelated anyway, right?

So here it is, his unconscious input to contemporary literature that made me think about haikus and everyday literary inputs:

could be fun
have to run
talk to you later
Poetry/Art can be so simple and awesome 🙂

3 thoughts on “contemporary haiku

  1. I’ve noticed that my blog has grown to be almost totally unrelated to life in Sweden. It became a travelling blog. That must be because I haven’t been living in Sweden much, hehe… But who cares? We do our own blogs, right?
    Yeah, poetry can be very simple and awesome. I have some kind of problem, though. Just can’t right any!

    • Maybe your life in Sweden is more about travelling than being stationary here, maybe “life in a sweded movie” does not have to happen in Sweden. Or maybe life is just HAPPENING outside of this mighty land 😉 Whatever, keep on blogging – no matter about what 🙂 (loved the Easter post, btw)

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