little moments of joy

  • aka a visual guide to the Mexican cuisine
  • aka culinary moments that completely swiped us off our feet
  • aka instead of writing a ton about how awesome the Mexican cuisine is, here are some pictures

pineapple in paprika - how come noone started to import this stuff to the EU???

the Swede meets the Agave - a joyful reunion

Supposedly, this is yoghurt with jelly. In reality, it is jelly with jelly (in different colours)

fried banana slice puts smile on your face (and joy on your taste buds)

Heaven on Earth: a bowl of melted (Oaxaca) cheese with tortilla, mushroom and guacamole and chilli sauce

Cocos Frio - go to a market, ask for it, and never hold it the way I do on this photo.

epic sandwiches at Ty-Coz (recommended)

ki'Xocolatl with red pepper and spices - someone really should start importing this to Europe

7 thoughts on “little moments of joy

  1. I love latin food (well, I come from brazil, duh). I really do. I like the warmness, the color, the smells, the relationship people have with food – which seems to be healthier than that of swedes. In Brazil you also find zillions of epic sandwichs at any bakery, bar, restaurant… That’s why I am always complaining about food here. Remember my ranting on swedish pizza and the superiority of pizza from São Paulo? Hehehehehehe… Anyway, I am so glad you enjoyed food there. The tortillas and guacamole look delicious. I am curious about this coco frito (it means fried coconut). Fried???

    • Nézz szét a januári blogbejegzésekbe, ott van még pár képes-mexikós, élménybeszámolós 😉

  2. Én meg eszem a kalóriamentes HIPP bébiételt a szerencsétlen gyomromba:)
    Édesem, az a csokiszelet istenien néz ki:)

    • Èletem, egyed csak a bébi ételeket, mert azok finomak. Majd megnézem mi az itteni kínálat, hátha van valami finomság amivel tarkíthatjuk a diétádat. Ès egyél kecskeméti bébiételt is, mert az mégiscsak hazai! 🙂

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