day 1 – intense day, jet leg and a mariachi band

The first weird thing after a 12 and half hour flight to Cancun is to realize that you swithched a body. Me, usually, running around actively after a reasonable amount of sleep being jet legged and dizzy and sleepy all day, and Daniel, being usually sleepy all day no matter the hours he slept, just running around in hyperactivity.

ready to discover

the land of the Lizard king

No wonder, by the way. The place is picture perfect. The colours you see by googeling Cancun are not photoshopped. They are just like that. Blue. Beautiful.

well, hello Carribean

23 km of picture perfect seashore

It’s a massive place. Hotels all around, in immense size and range, holiday offers everywhere, and a bunch of service oriented, friendly load of people, locals and fellow tourists alike.

epic clubs

with epic mascots

cortizon and souvenirs - you can get everything in a drugstore here

For the evening, we got a recommendation -by random leaving the confusing party bus and meeting an american family- for a restaurant that serves – ta daaam – mexican food. It was a lovely place, with great service and fab food. Not to mention the mariachi band that popped by and played some songs for the guests. Cheesy, I know. But whatever you think, getting live performance of ‘Besame mucho’ by a mariachi band to you and your company at an open air restaurant in Mexico is indeed priceless. Not to mention that I love that song (on the same note, rip Cesaria).

one part of the mariachi experience (note the guitar which eventually contains some change as well)

Note also that tequila could be a delicious drink, believe it or not.

3 thoughts on “day 1 – intense day, jet leg and a mariachi band

  1. Hmmmm… Greaaaaat place. Can’t believe the colour of the ocean. I just love water, being in the water, I’d go nuts if I saw all that white sand and perfect blue sky sea. Not bad for the first day. 🙂 It pays off everything, the 12 hour flight, being jet leg all day… What’s up with these epic discos? Have you been to one? It must be really funny, really weird. Btw, there’s nothing wrong in enjoying an evening with Daniel & a mariachi band singing Besame Mucho. It might be cheesy, but damn good. What should you do in Cancún anyway, right? Just enjoy!
    Can’t wait to see how the other days turned out.
    Big, big hugs,

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